Scaffolding RecipesΒΆ

Work smarter, not harder. With that in mind, I created a way to enable you to scaffold a library from a github repository:

bake scaffold %owner% %project%

For instance, I recently scaffolded Caolan McMahon‘s microjs library nimble with the following command:

bake scaffold caolan nimble

Which generated the following recipe (placed in the library/recipes/nimble file):

# dsc: A really tiny functional JavaScript and async flow-control library
# author: caolan
# url:
# src:
# bug:

js <= github://caolan/nimble/nimble.js

The information generated here is gleaned from the github api and together with a bit of convention over configuration magic.

Generally the main file that an author puts in their github repo is in the root folder with the name of the project with a .js extension (yes the case of a name that includes the .js extension is handled).

If for any reason your file sits in a different location, then you will need to modify the recipe to point to the correct location of the file.

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